Please Preview Out Vaping Varieties

We use only the best all glass vape cartridges to deliver the best tasting vape experience. Cartridges are all 1 gram (1 ml) and sold individually in 100% recyclable child resistant cardboard boxes with press button and foam inserts.


White Widow

Arguably the most popular strain in the world, White Widow is Sativa dominant (60%) hybrid , a cross between Brazilian Sativa and South Indian Indica. Energetic effects, social energy and blossoming creativity are phrases used to describe this strain. Good for stress, pain and anxiety.

Cherry Pie

Sweet as… A cross between Granddaddy Purple and F1 Durban Poison, this Indica dominant strain (80%) smells like cherry pie out of the oven, and delivers a strong, relaxing high. Great for insomnia and couch ridden activities.

Tropicana Cookies

A famous strain from renowned Oni Seed Co., this Sativa dominant purple weed is a cross between Girl Scott Cookies and Tangie. Guaranteed to keep you off the sofa, Tropicana Cookies produces an energetic buzz that helps you motivate. Tastes like a tropical fruit bowl.


For the distinguished puffer, there’s Wembley. An Indica dominant strain (80%) derived from crossing AK-47 with Bubble Gum, this fruity blend packs a punch with a strong, long lasting, happy buzz .